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Will Connell was a self-taught photographer. He opened a studio in downtown Los Angeles in 1925 and became a member of the Camera Pictorialists. He taught at Art Center College in Pasadena from 1931 until his death. His work included movie publicity shots, magazine assignments and other commercial photography.

"In Pictures: A Hollywood Satire uses razor sharp physical irony and insider humor to present biting satirical collages of the Hollywood industry. Tom Maloney writes in the introduction that, "Connell shows how wide the abilities of the camera are when a thorough technician, a penetrating mind, and the all important satirical impulse are blended in one talent capable of dissecting a national institution [Hollywood] with its own instruments of torture...ground glass, shutter and lens." Recurring themes include god-like movie directors, scantily clad wannabe performers, and ever-present crews of yes-men...Connell began his professional career in the late 1920's where he photographed virtually every industry in California.




Will Connell (American,1898-1961)

Book Title: In Pictures, A Hollywood Satire. Pictures by Will Connell. Story by Nunnally Johnson, Patterson McNutt, Gene Fowler, and Grover Jones. T.J. Maloney

Publisher, New York: T.J. Maloney (1937) First Edition.

Printing Process:

The type used in this book is Bodoni Medium,
the index and captions Sans Serif Extra Bold
Condensed. It is printed with the International
Printing Ink Company's Franco Black, on Dill and Collins special gravure stock. The printing is done in Beck Gravure by the Beck Engraving Company.

INSCRIBED: inside book by the engraver Harry Beck





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