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    The Most Natural Thing in the World
  Northern Ireland of the 1970's

Leif Skoogfors

              A retrospective, 1968-1974
             October 15 - December 15, 2010

                 On Line Exhibition / Portfolio available for viewing 






October 15, 2010 -- It was 1968 when Leif Skoogfors, covering anti-war demonstrations in the United States came across a newspaper article on 
a non-violent protest by "People's Democracy" of Londonderry, Northern Ireland.  The words "non-violent" struck a chord with Leif, who had been 
tear-gassed and hit by both police and anti-war demonstrators in the protests against the Vietnam War.  In an age photojournalism we will most 
likely never see again, Skoogfors took a $300 advance and flew to Belfast where events were spiraling out of control and violence flared across 
the disputed province.  Fascinated by the landscape and the people of Northern Ireland, he returned numerous times over the years to photograph 
the violence and its people.  
By 1972, Leif had secured a modest contract for a book on the region and its troubles.  Working with the writers John and Lenore Cooney, 
"The Most Natural Thing in the World" was published by Harper and Row in 1974 and TIME-LIFE heralding the book called it "one of the 10 best
Beginning on October 15 and running through December 15, these powerful images can be seen again for the first time in more than three decades by 
appointment at the Domeischel Gallery, located at 1361 Madison Avenue, New York.  The gallery can be contacted at l 516-480-8813 or 917-693-6911.  
The show can also be viewed online at
Skoogfors, whose work has covered the Middle East, Bosnia, El Salvador, and Nicaragua for magazines such as TIME and Newsweek, is delighted in 
the exhibition. "With $300 dollars and a few bottles of Whiskey, I started creating a large body of work,” he said.  “Jack and Anita responded to my images and have helped me preserve a historical moment.  I was fortunate to work at a time when photojournalism was more open, and while it was never easy, a forward thinking editor would take a chance and photographers could work on projects they believed in.  Seeing this work exhibited again nearly half a decade later has brought back many memories, many of them haunting, but never regretted."

Photographs by Leif Skoogfors, copyrighted, and may be used only in connection with the exhibition announcement or by permission from the photographer.